Mt Rainier Snowman

I'm a photographer. I'm an animal lover. I'm a hiker. I'm a homebody. I'm an explorer.

Born and raised on the East Coast in Pennsylvania, I spent 6 years in Baltimore before finally moving to the great Pacific Northwest. Four years in to this great adventure, I fall in love with this city and region more and more every single day. A year before my move, I came out to Washington to visit my best friend, and joined in on a 5 day backpacking trip. I had never been backpacking before and really had not even hiked. After borrowing gear from friends, I spent 5 painstakingly glorious days in THE ENCHANTMENTS. If you haven't heard of The Enchantments, you should definitely check it out.

I attribute my love of traveling to my high school German teacher, Frau, who got me to sign up on my first international trip, which led me to study abroad in Germany. While studying in Germany, I met my best friend, who introduced me to Seattle and backpacking. While she does not really enjoy it, I could not imagine my life without all of the hiking, backpacking, and exploring.


Join me, as I try to share these moments with you. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the experiences behind them.

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